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The Menangle area has one of the highest concentrations of historically significant sites in rural Australia dating back as far as the first fleet. Later it was an integral part of Australia’s groundbreaking first pastoral company, the Macarthur’s Camden Park Estate.  The Menangle village was initially the village for the estate workers and was also the centre for some of its businesses and surprisingly is essentially unchanged today. Its English village layout of houses, churches, school, shop and community hall, all within walking distance of each other, are unique. Quote from a local historian: “Today Menangle village’s St James and St Patrick’s churches, the old store, creamery and Rotolactor as well as Menangle station, railway bridge and viaduct are listed on the local, state and/or national heritage registers. Add Menangle House, Glen lee and the 19th century Macarthur mansions of Camden Park and Gilbulla to this list and Menangle must lay claim to one of the highest concentrations of historically significant sites in rural Australia”

Today, the area is still one of the most significant areas in Australian agricultural with its continuing agricultural research. The Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute (EMAI), currently being expanded, is located on the southern side of the original Camden Park Estate, close to Menangle and is a major research facility of national and international importance.