Rotolactor 1974

1952 Rotolactor, “The Rotary Milking Machine”

  • In 1980 was declared a National Tourist attraction by the Macarthur District Gazette
  • It was the second of this design and size in the world.
  • Made from brick and stainless steel it had walls of glass letting in natural night by day and lights for night milking.
  • It was 24 metres in diameter and was capable of milking 2500 cows twice a day.
  • Each cow was milked in about 7 minutes.
  • They entered and left at the same point and as they travelled around being milked, they ate.
  • It required a small staff of nine to operate milking 300 cows per hour.
  • It was an icon in Australia and significant in that it shows the scale and development of dairying in Menangle.
  • Tourists and school children visited weekdays and weekends to experience the “special milk” and see the state of the art milking process and production.
  • Registered Trade Marks were ‘Camden Vale’, ‘Cowpasture’, ‘Laurel’, and ‘Milk with the golden cap’, that were used to name produce from the Dairy, Agriculture and Orchard producer, Camden Park Estate Company.
  • BHP state “It (The Menangle Area) provides the opportunity to interpret the history of dairy farming and production in the region for a period encompassing 150 years of development.
  • The Rotolactor operated until 1983.