1871 Menangle Public School

  • Camden Park Estate made application for a school in 1849, and a church school was established. The locality was initially known as Riversford, which later changed to Menangle. Pressure for a public school culminated in 1869-71 when a public school was opened, with an enrolment of 43 pupils. New school buildings were erected in 1906.
  • Land was donated “for the education of the children of Menangle” by Sir William Macarthur.
  • Building was completed in 1871, and the school opened with 43 pupils.
  • A residence was added before repairs in 1876.
  • The first school building was sold by auction along with the fence on 7th January 1876
  • A two room weather shed was added in 1878.
  • In 1891 during Arbour Day, money was raised for a library
  • Church services were initially held in the old school from 28th May, 1871.
  • From 1892, 52 shade trees and 20 citrus trees were planted.
  • 1906 Half an acre was given by the Macarthur family for a new residence on the western side and the school building and residents were replaced.
  • 1915 used as sleeping quarters for NCO’s being trained locally in WW1, The Great War.
  • 1922 a tennis court and 45 foot flagpole was added in the playground as were veggie plots.
  • 1928 was voted the school with the best garden within 50 miles of Sydney, with 54 pupils.
  • 1937 a replacement weather shed built
  • 1960 two additional acres were obtained from Camden Park Estate.
  • 1960 Major painting and a brick toilet block and new flagpole erected.
  • 1960 New residence in single brick was built.
  • 100 years of schooling was celebrated in May, 1971.