THE landowner wanting to develop a 240ha business park along Moreton Park Rd in Menangle has called on the community to get involved in the process instead of flatly rejecting the proposal.

Landowner and business-man Ernest Dupere, of Menangle Pastoral, likened his proposal to the Norwest Business Park near Castle Hill or the new Macquarie Park in northern Sydney.

Mr Dupere said the development would include large areas for recreation and parks, provide much-needed local employment, and improve access to vast areas of the Nepean River.

But residents have again voiced their opposition, handing a poll to Wollondilly Council last month with 442 signatures.

“All we’re trying to do is undertake an investigation, and out of that comes some suggestions which would form the application,” Mr Dupere said.

“The outcome would be we would dedicate a large part of land for public recreation. If we plan it properly we can enhance the amenity of the area. The inter-modal rail track is not planned as part of this project. It’s more a technological/research business park. We’ve invited the community to comment and we’re trying to work with them.”

He said a small group of residents had a general “philosophical objection to change” in Menangle rather than an informed opinion.

Proposed land uses include offices, light industry, warehousing and logistics and wholesale/trade retail.

Wollondilly Mayor Col Mitchell said 70 per cent of residents travel outside the shire for work daily.

“For 12 years I’ve been trying to get employment-generating land in Wollondilly,” he said. “We’ll listen to the people on this. I would be opposed to residential but not to industrial (development).”