Journeys in Time 1809-1822

The Journals of Lachlan & Elisabeth Macquarie

Manangle (NSW)
A 2,000 acre farm on the banks of the Nepean granted to Walter Davidson by Governor King on 18 December 1805. Originally called ‘Belmont’ the land had a river frontage onto the Nepean River and was straddled on either side by two grants to John Macarthur known as Upper Camden, and Lower Camden (totalling 5000 acres).[Macarthur had been permitted to take his land grant in two parts to maximise his access to the river]. The combined effect was that the land grants to Davidson and Macarthur extended along the left bank (western side) of the Nepean for a distance of more than 8 miles (12 kilometres). When Davidson returned to England in March 1809, Macarthur had the free use of his friend’s grant.

The Aboriginal name ‘Menangle’ (or ‘Manangle’) came from the pond which stood on Davidson’s land. [Similarly ‘Carabeely’ was the name of the pond on Macarthur’s Upper Camden grant, while ‘Belgenny’ or ‘Belkennie’ the pond on the Lower Camden grant].