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26th April 2011

The General Manager

Wollondilly Council

PO Box 21

Picton NSW 2571

Proposed Landscape Curtilage

or Composite Heritage Curtilage

Historic Village of Menangle

The Camden Historical Society is concerned that plans which are being proposed for the Menangle area will seriously degrade the considerable natural beauty and heritage values of this presently charming area.

Accordingly, the Society wishes to strongly support the proposal for a Landscape Curtilage or a Composite Heritage Curtilage for Menangle and its surrounds.  The rural identity of the historic village must be protected from the proposed large business park and any possible associated housing.  There are so many examples elsewhere in NSW of commercial developments destroying the character of attractive areas that, surely, Wollondilly Council can act to ensure that these mistakes of the past are not repeated here in such an area of national historic significance.  This is an area which has many historic associations with the early colony, the cattle of the Cowpastures, the wool industry, the dairy industry and the Macarthur family. It must be protected by sound and wise decision making at this time of great threat to its welfare.

The Society is also aware that the individual cottages which make up the historic village of Menangle have not been adequately assessed and that a professional heritage assessment of the village is needed.  Could Council please include such a study in its current planning for this area with appropriate heritage listing as an outcome of that study?

Menangle village is not an island.  It remains an integral part of the landscape of the former Camden Park Estate.  Views both to and from Menangle are important and are essential components of the shared community love and appreciation of this beautiful area.  Council should be ensuring that there is a strategic overall plan that protects the various historic lands which include Camden Park, the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute and the village of Menangle.

Yours faithfully,

Douglas Barrett