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April 30th, 2011

Mr.  McMahon

The General Manager,

Wollondilly Shire Council,

PO Box 21,

Picton. NSW 2571.

Dear Sir,

Re: Menangle  Conservation.

We write to you in support of the Menangle Community’s request, that Council establish a Composite Heritage Curtilage or Landscape Curtilage to protect the rural identity of this historic village.

We also request that Council consider undertaking  further investigation of the  early cottages which are  an important part of the early history of the village.

Menangle Village was an integral part of the Camden Park Estate businesses and the life of the employees in the early years, and there is a strong case for it to be preserved for the benefit of future generations as the village forms part of a larger story.  Belgenny Farm, Camden Park House and the Camden Park Estate all are well protected by appropriate listings, but not so Menangle.

Your sincerely,

John Macarthur-Stanham                           Edwina Macarthur-Stanham