You may have read that the proposed Industrial Park on Moreton Park Road is now a Business Park and also has 390 HOUSES TO THE Nth and Est of Menangle, and has been refered to a Joint Regional Planning Panel, (JRPP) by the Proponents lobbying the Labor  Government over Council .  (For details see below.) The School has also been refered to the JRPP for other reasons.

Our Association and Council have been working very hard communicating your views of the conclusive 2010 polls and from Council’s determinations  to Government.  We have stressed the importance of the 1796 Cowpastures,  the  Macarthur’s Camden Park Estate’s Cultural and Agricultural Heritage, and of our 1866 village’s history. Menangle was almost a private village until 1975 and has now been recognized by Council and historians as having State Heritage significance because of its relationship to Camden Park and because of its English Village Layout still in a rural setting.

Our presentations have culminated with a three pronged attack this last week on the new Government

1.       A question from the Assoc. to the whole Cabinet at the recent May local Cabinet Forum regarding Menangle’s Heritage and the 130 year old School’s future.

2.       Council have reported to the Minister for Planning , a very comprehensive report of their and our objections to the proposal, that supports the preservation of the Village and it’s heritage. (For the report see below)

3.       Council and the Association have met with Jai Rowell who is lobbying very much on our side.

For the proposal details, at the JRPP web site, in Development Register, then very bottom LHS,  Relevant Planning Authority, and look for Rezoning land on Moreton Park Road.

or the link is

For Council’s Report on the proposal to the JRPP and Minister for Planning.

Council’s web site, Go, Your Council, Council Meetings, Ordinary Meetings, (then at bottom) Ordinary Meetings Agenda 16th May, 2011, PT1, PE3

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