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Monday, 9 May 2011

Menangle Community Association C/o Post Office


Aft: Maurice Blackwood,

I would like to offer my support to the proposal for the establishment of a Heritage Museum Township at Menangle. The village would allow tourists to visit the area referred to as the birthplace of Australia’s agricultural,wealth and to experience it in its historical context. Such a historical context would be provided by the development of the early cottages that defined the Menangle area during the periods when the agricultural industries flourished under Macarthur family, and their descendents.

Further, I support the idea of a Colonial Hall of Fame being the focal point of the township, as it would provide locals and tourists alike with an insight into the particular historical agricultural significance of the Menangle area; especially the Macarthur family’s substantial contribution to the development of agriculture as a viable source of Australia’s wealth.

I would also support the establishment of a Heritage Museum Township at Menangle as it would provide rural Macarthur with a much needed additional tourist attraction which would be both entertaining and informative for its visitors. In this sense, it would complement the successful Belgenny Farm, Camden Park House and Camden Park Estate attractions. I would compare such a development with those already established well-known heritage townships such as Beamish in Country Durham in the United Kingdom, the Stockmans Hall of Fame in Queensland and Old Sydney Town before it became closed to the public.

I support any effort that seeks to recognise and preserve the historically significant contribution that the Rural Macarthur area has made to the development of Australia’s agricultural industry. I believe the proposed Menangle Heritage Museum Township would do just that.

Yours Sincerely,

Russell Matheson

Federal Member for Macarthur.