Menangle Community Assoc. Inc. Presentation. 9 July, 2012.
The MCA and MAG Committees would like to thank Chris Betteridge and Council for this exhaustive report. It has clearly explains the significance of Menangle, the community aspirations, and in a way, the responsibilities of all parties involved in the future direction of this unique piece of Australian Heritage.
The report has provided clarity to all, with statements like:
• Menangle is equally important as the 4000 acre, state listed, Camden Park Estate (P6)
• It exhibits “rarity” and a “rare mix of natural, indigenous and non-indigenous cultural heritage values…” (P138 and 139),
• “The study area displays a rich diversity of cultural landscape of historical themes…”
• “There are relatively few comparable areas in terms of variety and richness of cultural heritage values” in Australia.
• Menangle Village and its setting, are a special place..” etc (P146)
Most significant also is the statement, and again I quote, “The Menangle Village Landscape Conservation Area appears to satisfy most, if not all, of the seven criteria established under the NSW Heritage Act 1977”, which means there is potential to list it at state level.
We are therefore pleased to endorse with Council staff’s recommendation, to forward this report to the department of Planning for a Gateway determination as soon as possible.
Two other items from the report are also important.
Firstly, the importance of the Rotolactor Paddock has been clearly explained, which is also a view treasured by the community. Chris has identified its as being the “historic core of the Menangle Village” P151. We believe it links all the Menangle Assets, and I quote regarding its importance, “Such a subdivision (of this paddock) …would have a negative impact on the perception of the village as an historic settlement” and “..would obscure the ability to read the historic cultural landscape”.
Secondly, the identification of possible developments.
Therefore we request
1. on the basis of the unanimous community heritage polls and on this new heritage report, that Council take immediate action to secure this paddock from development including the 19 already rezoned lots, with either an interim heritage protection order or notice to the developer, that this clear land would be part of developer contributions to community.
2. Secondly we request on the basis of the identification of these potential development lands in the report, that Council endorse the formation of a working group to complete Chris Betteridges recommendations, and carry forward the possible listing of the village, and to communicate the recommended Conservation Management Measures listed in 8.0, of the report, to the community for their consideration.
Maurice Blackwood. Chairman.